Enrolment 2022


We look forward to meeting all our new parents!


2022 Admissions

School admissions open: Friday, 26 February 2021

  • Apply to at least 3 schools (Including the ones closest to your home)
  • Indicate your order of preference on the system
  • Don’t Block places at Schools
    • Confirm your child’s school for 2022 before 25 June 2021
  • Parents | Guardians have until 25 June 2021 to confirm or decline a place as follows:
    • Online; or
    • Hand in a letter | send an e-mail to the school to confirm.
      The school MUST upload on the system. Check that it has been uploaded after 25 June 2021; or
    • Contact your nearest WCED district office



  • Parents need to register online on the WCED website online applications.co.za
  • School admissions open in February each year, and remain open for one month.
  • Apply to at least 3 schools. Indicate your order of preference on the system. In the case that the learner is accepted at more than one school and the parent does not make a choice by the due date, the first school where the application was successful, as ranked by the parent, will be activated automatically and all other successful applications removed in order to resolve learners blocking places at schools.
  • Certified copies of supporting documents MUST be submitted to the school within 14 days from the date of the online application. (See list below.)
  • Parents must please e-mail supporting documents to info@parownorthprim.co.za
  • Your application is considered to be INCOMPLETE until ALL the relevant supporting documents have been submitted to the school. (See list below.)
  • Any false or incorrect information submitted during this application process may result in your online application being rejected, and/or disqualified by the School Governing Body or the WCED. The WCED accepts no liability whatsoever for incorrect information captured or uploaded on the WCED Admission System.
  • Schools will confirm on the WCED admission system if parents have submitted all the supporting documents. (See list below.)
  • Submission of the online application to a school does not guarantee a place at the school.
  • Schools determine admission policy. Applications do not work on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Applications close in March each year. Once you click on ‘SUBMIT’ at the end, you will not be able to change the learner’s details or the selected schools. You may choose to ‘SAVE’ and ‘RETURN’, but you must ‘SUBMIT’ before the closing date.
  • Parents also need to download and complete the PNPS application from the school’ website and send it by email to info@parownorthprim.co.za
  • All communication will be directed to primary parent.

Compulsory supporting documents:

  • WCED application
  • Certified copy of unabridged birth certificate of learner
  • Certified copies of both parents’ ID documents
  • Certified copy of clinic card / immunisation card / Road to Health chart
  • Certified copy of the last official school Report Card
  • Certified copy of proof of residence – Only a rates account or lease agreement will be accepted
  • Certified copy of study permit issued by Dept. of Home Affairs for foreign learners

Please do not hesitate to contact the school, should you have any queries.