after-school care


The After-School Care Centre only operates during school terms.
The Centre is open from 12h30 to 17h30 on school days (excluding the last day of term).


Children must bring a change of clothing as they will not be allowed to play outside in their uniforms. All clothing must be clearly marked.

Homework for Grade 1 - Grade 7 will be encouraged and supervised, but the onus still remains on the parents to see that all homework is completed.

As a safety precaution, children attending after-care are required to remain within set boundaries at all times. Children will be clearly informed as to where these boundaries are.


Half-day children must be fetched by 14:30 - an additional fee of R50-00 will be charged for late pick-ups.

Full-day children must be fetched by 17:30 - an additional fee of R50-00 will be charged for late pick-ups. .

Children may, however, be fetched any time during the afternoon.

When collecting your child, please allow him/her a few minutes to pack away whatever he/she is busy with.

Please ensure that your child says goodbye to both members of staff/supervisors.

Should anyone other than the parent or guardian be fetching your child, please notify the supervisors by note, telephone or sms.

Please note that if no such notification has been received, the child concerned will not be released from our care.

If your child will not be attending the Centre for any particular reason, e.g. dentist appointment, going to play with a friend, etc. please notify the organisers. The supervisors will not be held responsible for any child who fails to report to After-Care.