Our History

It is the morning of 19 January 1966. Slowly and rhythmically the heart of the new school begins to beat. The cogs begin to turn - rigid and stiff at first, but the first school day has begun and there is life. On the shoulders of the first principal, Mr. M. C. Jacobs and the teachers rests the mammoth task of expanding this new establishment, Parow North Primary School, and securing its position as an asset to the community of Parow North.

What we offer



All learners are encouraged to participate in Athletics during the first and fourth term. Athletics Day is an important event at our school. The athletes compete to the best of their ability and the spirit displayed by the learners is outstanding. The learners are all divided into different colour teams and they get to compete against each other.



We are lucky to have a number of tennis courts at Parow North Primary School. Our educators coach our learners after school hours. They also play matches against other schools. Tennis is a sport, which improves and develops the child’s eye-hand-co-ordination.



All boys are encouraged to play cricket from U/7 to U/13. Cricket practice takes place twice a week. Educators coach the teams. We have cricket nets, which help to develop and improve our bowling and batting performances.
Girls are encouraged to play mini-cricket. Mini-cricket is very important as it establishes talent, which can be nurtured for the future. Regular matches against other schools are also played.



Rugby is an exciting and demanding sport. All our boys are encouraged to play rugby. We have teams from U/7 to U/9. Our educators coach rugby after school hours. Rugby develops hand-eye-co-ordination and ball skills. It also teaches the learners to work together as a team.



Hockey is another sport which is enjoyed by the learners. Participation in all ages continues to grow. We have learners who play hockey from U/7 tot U/13 – boys and girls. Regular league matches are played.



Netball at Parow North is continually growing in learner participation. Our educators coach the players after school hours. Weekly practices are held while matches are played on Wednesday afternoons.

We encourage all our players to aim for Western Province colours



Our Foundation Phase learners (u/7 - u/9) enjoy participating in Soccer. Both boys and girls may participate. Although they do not play any matches, they come together to learn important skills. Skills such as team work, participation, respect, hand and eye coordination and ball skills.



Chess develops mental abilities such as concentration, critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving and planning. The challenges are endless and every game is different, so the children need to be self motivated.We have chess once a week and it is preferable, for the players, to know the basics. The chess team plays weekly matches and the players constantly challenge each other, in order to move up the chess ladder.

Parow North Primary School offers a wide and varied programme in the cultural field.
Activities at our school includes:



In order to develop all facets of the learners' holistic development, cultural activities form an important part of our extra-mural programme. Cultural activities are run under the guidance of staff members. Learners are also offered the opportunity to develop their leadership potential.



Music tuition is conducted during school time at an additional cost.

The following options are available:

Grade 3: Group tuition - Recorder (30 min per week)

Grade 4-7: Individual tuition
- Piano, Electronic keyboard and Recorder
- 30 min per week per instrument of choice
- Theory of music is included
- Internal evaluations are conducted at the end of each term.
- Students who wish to enter for external examinations have the following options:

  • LONDON COLLEGE OF MUSIC (University of West London)

It is important that learners have the appropriate instrument available at home for daily practice!


GRADE R 07:45 to 12:40      
Grade 1 & 2 07:45 to 13:15 (Monday to Thursday)  07:45 to 12:45  (Friday) 
Grade 3 07:45 to 13:45 (Monday to Thursday) 07:45 to 12:45 (Friday)
Grade 4 - 7 07:45 to 14:15 (Monday to Thursday) 07:45 to 13:45 (Friday)


2020 Term Duration No. of weeks No. of days
1 15 Feb - 23 Apr 10 47
2 3 May - 09 Jul 10 49
  3 26 Jul - 01 Oct 10 48
  4 11 Oct - 15 Dec 10 48


The school fee for 2021, as approved at the Budget Meeting held on 15 October 2020, is R 12 000.00 per learner.



The annual fees settled in full, on or before 28 February 2021, qualifies for a 10% discount (R 1 200.00), resulting in the amount payable of R 10 800.00. Please note that, in order for you to qualify for the 10% discount, payment must be made on or before 28 FEBRUARY 2021. There will be no exceptions to this method of payment. Once-off annual payment by means of cash or EFT transfer only – no debit order or cheque payment will be allowed.


The monthly payment of R 1 200.00 must be paid on or before the end of the month, first payment on or before 31 January 2021; last payment on or before 31 October 2021. Overdue accounts will be handed over for collection, of the full outstanding balance of the 2021 school fees, to our attorneys or debt collectors, in accordance with the school’s debt collection policy.

AFTERCARE Closed due to Covid

All aftercare fees are due and payable as set out below. Please note that payments are in advance for the term, thus, if you make no payment, your child will be unable to attend and make use of this facility.

ADMINISTRATION FEE - R 230.00 per learner, per annum. A once-off payment is payable on application. After-care is available on a first come first serve basis, as this is limited.

LONG AFTERCARE - R 1 600.00 per learner, per term. Available after school until 17:30. Additional charges are levied for late pick-ups, after 17:30.

SHORT AFTERCARE - R 400.00 per learner, per term. Available after school until 14:30. Additional charges are levied for all late pick-ups, after 14:30.

DAY AFTERCARE - R 30.00 per day after school until 17:30. This aftercare option may only be used a maximum of 2 days per week for learners participating in extracurricular activities (eg sport, drama, etc). Additional charges are levied for all late pick-ups, after 17:30.



The After-School Care Centre only operates during school terms.

The Centre is open from 12h30 to 17h30 on school days (excluding the last day of term).


Children must bring a change of clothing as they will not be allowed to play outside in their uniforms. All clothing must be clearly marked.

Homework for Grade 1 - Grade 7 will be encouraged and supervised, but the onus still remains on the parents to see that all homework is completed.

As a safety precaution, children attending after-care are required to remain within set boundaries at all times. Children will be clearly informed as to where these boundaries are.


Half-day children must be fetched by 14:30 - an additional fee of R50-00 will be charged for late pick-ups.

Full-day children must be fetched by 17:30 - an additional fee of R50-00 will be charged for late pick-ups.

Children may, however, be fetched any time during the afternoon.

When collecting your child, please allow him/her a few minutes to pack away whatever he/she is busy with.

Please ensure that your child says goodbye to both members of staff/supervisors.

Should anyone other than the parent or guardian be fetching your child, please notify the supervisors by note, telephone or sms.

Please note that if no such notification has been received, the child concerned will not be released from our care.

If your child will not be attending the Centre for any particular reason, e.g. dentist appointment, going to play with a friend, etc. please notify the organisers.

The supervisors will not be held responsible for any child who fails to report to After-Care.